Saturday, March 18, 2017

How will this chart look like in 20 years?

It's hard to believe that 150+ years ago, wood supplied most of the energy needs for US. Coal, then petroleum, then natural gas broke the dependence on wood for energy!

Fast forward to 2015, 10% of energy needs for US are supplied by renewable sources of energy (In absolute terms, this much energy would have been enough to supply total energy needs and more back in 1850). This was hard to believe even 10 years ago. Some of it is driven by government incentive which might change under the new administration but the momentum will be the balancing factor. Hope the trend continues and we break our reliance on sources which are not good for environment. Advances in technology will drive the cost of reneawables lower but that would also require significant funds in research. This still needs some regulatory support and government funding before we can take the training wheels off.

How do you think the chart below will look like in 2037? Projections are part of the chart but it can go either way.

Also, see this chart for some positivity:

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